During this two day workshop, Siem van der Ven will demonstrate masterful techniques drawn directly from his body of work including surface design, carving, piercing, and throwing double-walled forms. Students are encouraged to bring leather-hard greenware onto which they will learn to draw accurate grids for creating surface patterns of their own. They will also have the opportunity to work on the wheel under the Siem’s guidance.  This workshop will also include two weeks of open studio membership (one week prior, one week post-) for students to hone in these skills and make as many pots as possible.  Work will be bisque fired and able to be glazed in our cone six firings; or better yet, make new, inspired work for our Spring or Fall woodfiring workshops!

$200 + materials

March 21 + 22 10am - 3:30pm

Current studio members receive a discounted rate!

Siem van der Ven Workshop